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Perkie's Observations: Jake Demands Answers From Helena

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Nathan doesn't believe Nina when she tells him that Kiki was behind the wheel. Franco says he already signed the confession, but Nina insists. Nathan has the lab enhance the photo and sees that Kiki was driving.

  Morgan and Kiki find themselves in a cabin in the woods. He's determined to have them stay all winter and enjoy themselves.

Patrick complains to Carly about Sam following Jason to Greece. Carly reassures him that Sam still loves him and Emma, but Patrick isn't so certain.

Helena warns them that they may not want to know the truth about Jason. She claims she saved his life by pulling him out of the water after Faison shot him. Sam argues with Helena, who ends up putting a curse on Sam. Sam tells Helena to undo Jason's memory loss.

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Sonny complains about his physical therapy, but Pif is still having none of it. Patrick arrives to work out and complains to Sonny about Jason.

Carly gets upset when she hears that Franco was released and is surprised to hear that Kiki was responsible. Carly texts Morgan and tells him that the police are after Kiki.

Franco calls Kiki to warn her that the police are after her. Kiki tells Morgan that she needs to go back to Port Charles to own up. Morgan wants them to go to Canada then thinks he hears someone outside.

Nina worries that Franco will dump her for outing Kiki but he reassures her.

Carly tells Sonny that she's worried about what Morgan will do when the police arrive to arrest Kiki.

Morgan pulls out a shotgun.