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Perkie's Observations: Anna Sees Dead People on General Hospital

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Jason and Sam continue to push Helena for answers, but she's not in a hurry to give them any. After beating around the bush for awhile, Helena dies. Jason accuses Nikolas of poisoning her and the two get into it.

Morgan loses it and starts firing the gun outside, terrifying Kiki, who calls Michael for help. Morgan sees that Kiki called Michael. He gets upset and tells her that she only needs him.

Michael and Carly head to the cabin. Morgan fights them , but ultimately Max and Michael force Morgan to leave to get help.

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Sonny's upset that he can't be there to help Morgan, but Epiphany reassures him.

Anna unburdens herself to Dr. Maddox. She admits everything that happened with Duke, including her shooting Carlos. After she leaves, Anna sees Carlos on the docks.

Sabrina is shocked when Carlos shows up at her door.