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Perkie's Observations: Thanksgiving With the Quartermaines on General Hospital

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Dillon and Paul decide to cook the meal. Monica is thrilled to have Michael and Sabrina join them. Monica is happy when Jason, Jake and Liz arrive. Jake's drops a valuable trinket on the floor when he hears that Helena died.

Dillon tells his parents that he's moving back to LA.

Patrick invites Andre to the Drake dinner. Anna tells Andre about the necklace she found on the docks. Anna wonders if Carlos' is alive.

Olivia brings Leo and enough food to feed an army to the Jerome/Davis dinner. Olivia's not happy to see Ava was invited. Kristina wants her to stay so she can get to know Avery.

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Valerie brings Dante food. He invites her to stay and watch the football game with him. Valerie sees the separation papers, which Dante eventually signs. The two share a kiss which turns into more.

Lulu and Rocco have dinner with Laura. Laura asks about counseling. Lulu tells her about the papers and says she can't trust Dante. Lulu admits she wants to fix things with Dante. Laura tells her to fight for their love.

Sam and Danny drop by to give Monica flowers. The women are happy to see Jason's boys getting along. Liz wants to get along with Sam for the sake of the boys, but Sam isn't quick to agree.

Paul and Dillon blow a fuse cooking dinner so Jason suggest they order pizza. Monica wonders if that's a memory of Jason's, but he tells her that it isn't.

Michael makes a toast. Tracy leads them into the traditional Thanksgiving song.