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Perkie's Observations: Liz Pushes Jason to Divorce Sam on GH

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Nicholas tells Laura that Helena is dead. Nik has mixed feelings, but Laura's just happy that he's in the clear with the Jason secret. Laura's still worried about Hayden. However, Nik vouches for her.

Liz wants Jason to get a divorce from Sam. Sam calls to have Jake spend time with Danny. Sam tells Jason that she's ready for a divorce.

Sam questions Jake about secrets and finds out it involves Laura.

Dante and Valerie wake up together. Lulu drops by to talk and finds them together. Lulu gets upset and argues with Valerie. Valerie blames Lulu and defends Dante. Dante hands Lulu the signed papers.

Hayden meets with Shawn's friend Curtis to help find evidence of who shot her.

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Ava drops Avery with Sonny for his supervised visit. Carly asks the supervisor to allow Sonny to visit with Avery in private.

Paul introduces Ava to his associate Raj. Ava wonders what Paul wants her to deal with.

Jason runs into Carly who questions his life with Sam. Jason says his life is with Liz and the boys. Carly feels that he's moving too quickly. She accuses him of hiding from his own identify. Jason says this is who he is now and that she now has to live with it.

Paul meets with Sonny and tells him that his intention to end the violence in Port Charles.

Ava opens Paul's cargo and finds rifles.

Carly tells Liz to let Jason go.