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Perkie's Observations: Carly Confronts Liz about Jason on General Hospital

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Julian complains to Nina about the magazine losing revenue. Maxie comes to Nina's defense. Julian warns that he'll shut things down if they don't improve. Maxie wants Nina to have a makeover. Nina appreciates the transformation.

Nikolas tells Alexis that Helena is dead and buried. Alexis celebrates, but then wonders if Nik is picking up where his grandmother left off. Alexis worries about Sam. Nik points out that Sam is better off with Patrick.

Carly wants Liz to let Jason go. Carly accuses her of trying to trap Jason. Liz tells her that Jason is a new man who doesn't want anything to do with the mob and swears she'll keep things that way. Carly claims Liz is only looking out for herself. Liz says Jason loves her now. Carly claims Jason will eventually resent Liz.

Patrick's happy that Jason has agreed to divorce Sam. Jason reminds Patrick that he'll always be in Sam's life thanks to Danny.

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Sam questions what secrets Laura is keeping about Jason. Laura claims Jake has an active imagination, but Sam keeps after it. Sam wonders if Laura and Liz knew Jason's identity but Laura denies it.

Franco questions Julian's motive in hiring Nina and threatens Julian. Franco gets into an argument with Carly. Carly threatens Franco.

Nina decides to put her own money into the magazine.

Jason complains to Liz that he doesn't have a normal life. Liz takes off her ring and tells Jason that she's letting him go.

Alexis and Patrick want Sam to deal with the divorce. Sam decides it's her decision to make and gets angry with Patrick. Patrick wonders why she's stalling.

Laura tells Nikolas that Sam is about to figure things out regarding Jason.