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Perkie's Observations: Is Sam Stalling on General Hospital?

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Laura tells Nikolas that Sam was asking questions because of Jake. Nikolas wants Liz to get her happy ending with Jason. Laura wants him to tell the truth, but Nikolas refuses to betray Liz.

Patrick feels Sam stalling means she's not committed to him. Sam points out that Patrick should understand, considering his situation with Robin. Sam wants the truth of whether Liz and Nik knew Jason's identity. Patrick doesn't think Liz of capable of that deceit. He wonders what Sam gets from exposing the lie.

Patrick accuses Sam of wanting Jason to come running back to her. Sam thinks Jason deserves the truth. Patrick feels she doesn't love him like he loves her.

Jason's surprised when Liz hands him back the ring and realizes Carly has interfered. Liz feels she's holding him back and that he needs to make decisions without her. Liz admits she's afraid of losing him. Jason refuses to walk away.

Dr Maddox explains to Morgan that his condition is controllable. Andre explains to Michael and Carly how Morgan needs to be treated.

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Sonny offers to have Morgan move in, but he refuses. Sonny commiserates with Morgan about the illness and promises to help him.

Dillon tells Maxie that he's moving back to LA. Maxie accuses him of running away, but wishes him well.

Tracy tells Hayden that she's dissolving their partnership because she's going after Nikolas herself with Jason's shares. Hayden warns that Nik won't go quietly and promises she has something on Nikolas.

Laura wants Hayden gone. Hayden tells her that she cares for Nikolas.

Tracy's not happy with Dillon for leaving before the holidays.

Nina puts her own money into Crimson in hopes of putting out a better product. Maxie drags Dillon back to have him work on the magazine.

Sam calls Alexis to go ahead with the divorce papers.