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Perkie's Observations: Sabrina Wants to Hide Her Baby From Carlos on General Hospital

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Monica and Tracy plan the winter fund raiser. Monica suggests a Nutcracker theme. Tracy puts her in charge of the silent auction.

Ava questions Paul's plans with the guns, but he refuses to tell her anything. Tracy calls him to meet with her. Tracy tells him that they need to raise a lot of money.

Lulu tells Maxie about Dante's latest transgression and decides she needs to do something about it.

Anna runs into Andre on the docks. Anna tells him that she got the necklace matched to Carlos' DNA. Andre tells her that she needs to continue her sessions. Anna thanks him, but tells him that she's not coming back to therapy. Andre warns her that he'll have to tell the police. Anna says she can't trust Paul and started her own investigation, but has no evidence. Andre warns her to be careful of Paul.

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Sabrina begs Felix to change the sonogram results to hide the fact that Carlos' is the baby's father, but he refuses. Sabrina's surprised to find Carlos waiting for her and tells him to leave.

Michael arrives for the sonogram and is surprised at the size of the baby, but the technician assures him that all is fine. Felix gets the information from the tech and tells them that Sabrina is 20 weeks and that the baby is healthy, but could be born early.

Valerie and Dante agree to date and take their relationship further. Nathan overhears and questions Dante. Dante says his marriage is over and there's no reason not to get with Valerie.

Monica stops by the gallery to ask Ava for a piece of art for the auction. Monica tells her to donate it, considering what Ava did to AJ.

Lulu goes to the PCPD to talk to Jordan about misconduct between Dante and Valerie. Nathan tries to talk her out of it. Maxie stops her and drags her away. Nathan warns Dante.

Carlos overhears Sabrina and Felix admit that the baby is his. He confronts Sabrina, who tells him that she's moving on with Michael and that he needs to leave, but Carlos refuses.