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Perkie's Observations: Johnny Swings Through Port Charles on General Hospital

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Jason doesn't believe Sam when she tells him that Liz knew. Sam goes over all the facts and swears she's not telling him this to get back together with him. Jason says she has no proof. Sam tells him to ask Liz and he'll know the truth.

Lulu questions why Johnny's back in town. He explains that it was lonely on the run, plus he needs money. Johnny's forced to hide behind the bar when Dillon shows up. Dillon apologizes for how he hurt Lulu and wants to remain friends. Lulu accepts and tells him that her marriage is over. Dillon tells her that he's getting ready to leave town.

Dante and Valerie start to make out, but Val is forced to hide when Olivia shows up with Rocco. Olivia wonders why Lante aren't back together yet. Dante tells her that he signed the separation papers. Olivia tells him that he should work harder at getting Lulu back and isn't happy to hear that Dante is getting closer to Valerie instead. Valerie is forced to overhear as Olivia says some nasty truths about her.

Michael runs into Felix and tells him that he's worried about Sabrina and the pregnancy. He wants to discuss things with Dr Lee.

Patrick confides in Sabrina that things are going sour with Sam. Sabrina tells him that she knew they were done when she saw Robin at the church. She says Patrick needs to be honest with himself about Sam.

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Michael and Felix find Sabrina at the Rib. Felix tells her that Michael's worried and planning on talking to Dr Lee. Felix warns Sabrina to come clean with Michael before he finds out the truth from someone else.

Michael says he wants to make an appointment with Dr Lee. Sabrina agrees, but wants them to have this night together first.

Dante sees that Rocco is feverish and leaves him with Valerie to get medicine. Olivia returns and is not happy to see Val with Rocco.

Patrick confronts Sam about her feelings for Jason. Sam claims that she wants a future with Patrick but he says he realizes that they won't make it. Patrick tells Sam that they are over.

Johnny makes a noise in his hiding place and Dillon is not happy to find him there.

Jason gets home and tells Liz what Sam told him and asks for the truth. Liz skirts the question and claims that Sam is lying and manipulative because she wants him back. Jason pushes. Liz says she doesn't want to lose him then admits that she knew who he was.