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Perkie's Observations: Sam Wants Jason Back on General Hospital

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Sam informs her parents that she and Patrick broke up. She admits she still loves Jason and would want to be with him if his memories were back. Julian's not happy to hear that Sam might want to get back with Jason. I remind Julian that he was a violent mob boss five minutes ago so maybe he shouldn't be Judgy McJudgerson.

Liz updates Nikolas that Jason left when he found out the truth and is upset she's lost everything. I remind her from my living room, that she still has her children, her job, her health and Jason isn't worth all the hang wringing. Liz warns Nikolas that Jason is furious and will come after him.

Carly coddles Morgan who admits that he doesn't like the way the meds make him feel, but promises to take them. But then again, Morgan needs to be reminded how to tie his shoes, so this won't end well.

Kiki runs into Ava at the restaurant. Ava wants a chance to talk, but Kiki gets angry with her. Carly threatens to throw Ava out, but Kiki agrees to hear her out. Ava wants Kiki to forgive her but Kiki's still angry and wants nothing to do with her mother.

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Morgan wants something from Kiki, but she just wants them to be friends. He heads out to hang out with Darby and forgets to take his pills. I told you so!

Curtis tells Hayden that he found Shawn's bullet in the garage but will have a problem matching it to Shawn's gun because it's in the PCPD evidence room. He says he needs more money from her. Nik arrives and sees the two together.

Jason runs into Sonny at the gym and explains what happened with Liz. Sonny explains that he and Carly have lied to each other over the years, but have found ways to forgive each other. On the other hand, Sonny doesn't think Liz should be forgiven.

Carly's thrilled to see Jason and Sonny together. Sonny tells her about Elizabeth. Carly celebrates, thinking Jason will coming back to them soon.

Jason goes home and Liz wonders if he's back for good.