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Perkie's Observations: Can Nina Save Crimson on General Hospital?

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Carly's worried about Jason, but Sonny tells her to respect his boundaries and back off. Dante shows up, and asks Sonny why there's an arms dealer in town. Sonny denies any knowledge. Dante warns him not to deal with it himself. He wonders why Sonny hasn't taken this opportunity to retire. Sonny claims he can't get out.

Johnny pretends to fix Valerie's car while getting her to talk about herself.

Lulu tells Olivia that she's taking the high road with Dante for Rocco's sake. Olivia hopes they can find their way back to each other. Laura arrives and wonders why Lulu is so calm. Lulu admits that while she feels betrayed by Dante, she hates Valerie and doesn't want her around. Laura warns Lulu not to do anything she'll regret.

Franco questions Nina about Julian's motives in hiring her. Nina thinks Franco doesn't think she's capable of running the magazine. Franco says Julian has an agenda and doesn't want her hurt.

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Carly runs into Liz at the hospital and is quick to dump on Liz, accusing her of trapping Jason and keeping him from his family. Liz says Sam had a new life with Patrick and everyone could have been happy.

Liz admits that Jason left her and her boys. Carly says Liz has no one to blame, but herself. Franco overhears and reassures Liz, who's disgusted that he's on her side. Franco says it's better for him if Jason doesn't remember.

Olivia interrupts Julian and Alexis' lunch. After Julian leaves, Alexis tells Olivia that she needs to have boundaries so they can co-exist.

Julian tells Nina not to expect the magazine to turn around. He certain he'll need to wrap it up in a couple of months. Nina's determined not to give up and hires Dillon to be their photographer. Nina tells Maxie that they will make the magazine a success.

Johnny calls Lulu with an update.