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Will JaSam Find Their Way Back to One Another on General Hospital?


Billy Miller, Kelly Monaco

Now that Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) not only knows who he is but that ex-fiancée Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) kept his identity from him, does it pave the way for a reunion between Jason and Sam (Kelly Monaco) on General Hospital?

Sam just wouldn't stop until she outed Liz's deception, even if it meant tanking the short-lived domestic bliss she shared with Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson). The petite private dick shouldn't count Liz out yet, however. 

Our Nurse Webber knows Jason's love for her isn't dead. Her budding friendship with his sworn enemy, Franco (Roger Howarth), will no doubt drive the amnesiac hit man crazy with jealousy! There's also Jason and Liz's troubled son Jake (James Nigbor) to consider. Of course, Sam also has a blonde moppet with Quartermaine DNA, little Danny (Braiden and Dylan Kazowski). Which family will Jason ring in the New Year with?

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Could Jason actually forgive Liz's transgressions and decide to make a life with her and the boys, or is Sam the one who holds his heart and his future? Judging from the clip below, it's gonna be a rough week for Liason fans, while a swoon-worthy time for JaSam shippers. Daytime's hottest triangle is back in full swing!