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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Takes a Fall on General Hospital

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Nikolas falls onto scaffolding and lands on the ground at Liz's feet. Liz does her best to stop the blood loss and calls 911.

Hayden tells Jordan that Jason threw Nik over the railing. Carly gets a call from the hotel that something happened and rushes over there. Carly defends Jason and demands that he get medical attention.

Sam visits with Sonny and discusses Jason. Sonny wishes that they get back together and that he's in her corner.

Valerie mentions to Dante that they haven't seen much of each other lately. She swears she's okay if they're finished. Dante says Rocco comes first, but promises that Valerie is special to him. The two kiss and Valerie has taught us all a lesson in passive aggressiveness. The two make plans to spend New Year's eve watching football.

Lulu wants to know Johnny's plans regarding Valerie. She claims she doesn't want her cousin hurt or killed. Johnny promises he's only trying to find Val's vulnerabilities so he can exploit them.

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Johnny meets with his minion to set up Valerie. Johnny pretends to run into her. Valerie is suspicious, but accepts his story that he was watching the children's choir. Johnny asks for change for a fifty. His minion takes photos of the exchange.

Laura finds Lulu making Johnny's bed and thinks that she's hooking up with someone as revenge against Dante. The two get the call about Nikolas and head to the hospital.

Hayden continues to blame Jason for NIk's fall, while Lucas works to save Nikolas. Dante wants a statement from Jason, but he wants his lawyer. Lucas reassures everyone that Nikolas will recover and commends Liz for her quick save.

Laura demands to know if Jason pushed Nik, but he's not talking. Jordan places Jason under arrest, despite Carly's claims that Jason was defending himself and that Hayden's a lying liar who lies.

Laura demands that Hayden tell her the truth. Hayden swears that it happened as she said. Laura sits at Nik's bedside and points out that he has a second chance for a reason.

Carly calls Sam to come to the hospital then goes home and updates Sonny. Sonny promises that they'll help Jason through this.

Liz tells Jason that she believes Hayden is lying because she knows Jason wouldn't attack Nikolas. Jason tells her that his lawyer will help him with this. Liz promises to be there with him because she believes in him. Liz gives Jason a hug, which Sam sees.