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Perkie's Observations: Jason Sees Robin on General Hospital

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Sabrina wants to know where she and Michael stand, but he can't forgive her for all the lies. Sabrina asks if he can get past this to raise her child with her, but Michael isn't interested.

Paul's surprised to find his belongings packed and ready to go. Paul swears he made a big mistake, but Tracy's not interested in apologies. Paul asks for a second chance. Tracy mentions how he could lose his job for sleeping with Ava, but that she won't tell his secret. Tracy orders him out.

Robin's home and briefly reuniting with Mac before Sam shows up. Robin thanks Sam for being there for Emma before leaving Sam and Patrick alone. Patrick explains to Sam what happened with Robin and feels that there is hope for them. He asks about Jason, but Sam says she's just glad Jason has all the information and there are no expectations. The two say goodbye to their relationship.

Nikolas wakes up from his surgery. Hayden tells him that Jason pushed him off the balcony. Liz interrupts to beg Nik to tell the police that it was an accident. Hayden wants Nik to see it differently. Liz claims she wants everything to be over so that no one else gets hurt.

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Spinelli runs into Jason and complains about Liz's evil lies and wonders what will now happen with Sam. Jason says he has no memory of his time with Sam. Jason's concerned about the man he was, but Spin calls him a friend. He says Jason was a killer to protect Sonny.

Mac updates Anna that the body recovered from the water was Sloane's. The two decide Paul is behind it all but Anna worries that they have no proof.

Hayden tells Nikolas that Liz was manipulating him. Nik admits that he remembers what happened and that he wants to play this to his advantage. Hayden says she told the police that Jason pushed Nik. Nik wonders if a free Jason is worth more to him than an imprisoned one.

Robin and Liz share a hug, but when Liz mentions that she knew Jason was alive. Robin wonders how she could have kept that secret. Liz explains and swears she would do it again. Robin promises not to judge and the two hug.

Robin and Jason run into each other at the bridge.