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Perkie's Observations: Will Nikolas and Hayden Act on their Feelings on General Hospital?

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Jason and Robin trade stories. Jason feels badly for not saving Robin from Helena but Robin reassures him. Robin explains their past to Jason. Jason doesn't remember any of it. After she leaves, Jason has a memory.

Johnny wonders what will happen with Lante once Valerie is out of the picture. Johnny thinks it would be a bad idea for Lante to get back together. He thinks Lulu would be a good fit with him, but Lulu turns him down because of Rocco. Lulu's thankful for Johnny's plan to get rid of Valerie.

Dante and Sonny discuss Ava and how dangerous she is. The two talk about Lulu. Sonny tells him to fight for her.

Nik questions Hayden's feelings and she admits she has them. Nik wonders if they should act on it. Later, they make plans to spend New Year's eve together.

Dante wants Nikolas and Hayden's statements and insists they do it separately.. Hayden claims she's foggy on the details.

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Morgan thanks Kiki for bringing Avery to Sonny's. Kiki says she's tolerating Ava for Avery's sake.

Maxie worries about Robin's safety. Patrick can't forgive himself for thinking the worst of Robin. Maxie is certain that Robin and Patrick should be together. However, Patrick's worried about being hurt again. Maxie tells him to fight for Robin.

Jordan tells Valerie that she has a date for New Year's eve. Valerie wants time with Dante, but he brushes her off. Valerie decides she's going to end things.

Dillon's angry with Paul for stringing Tracy along. Paul claims he and Tracy had no expectations together. Dillon questions why his father bothered to come back to PC. Paul claims he came to connect with Dillon. Dillon complains to Maxie.

Curtis gives Hayden an update on her shooting then runs into Jordan who wants him out of town.

Morgan overhears Sonny and Max discussing Raj.