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Perkie's Observations: Patrick Proposes to Robin on General Hospital

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Robin gives Patrick a New Year's gift. Patrick proposes and Robin accepts. The two make love.

Sonny questions Michael about his plans with Sabrina. Michael deflects, but Dante wonders about the truth. Jason stops by to see Sonny to repay him for the bail money. Michael invites Jason to join them at the Rib.

Nina runs into Curtis and takes his photo for the magazine. Franco's not happy to see Curtis flirting. Franco gives Nina an expensive necklace. When Nina leaves the room, Curtis confronts Franco about his past. Johnny overhears Curtis admit he was a cop.

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Valerie tells Dillon about her breakup with Dante. Dillon complains about his father. Valerie gets upset when Dante shows up and leaves with Dillon. The two share a kiss.

Lulu worries that Johnny will be recognized so he hides out in the stateroom. The two share a kiss at midnight.

Kristina wants Sam to join her for an evening of fun at the Rib. Jake runs into Sam and challenges her to a pool game. The two share a moment at midnight.

Michael's not happy to see Morgan drinking. Morgan leaves to follow up on the Raj situation and runs into Dante.

Carly and Sonny spend quality time together. Sonny's leg moves.