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Perkie's Observations: Did Jason and Sam Share a Moment on General Hospital?

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Spinelli and Ellie get all gooey when they witness the "moment" between Jason and Sam. The "moment" is broken when Liz calls Jason to come over right away, but doesn't go into details over the phone. Spin spends the rest of the episode trying to convince Sam that she and Jason are endgame. Sam claims to just want to get to know the new Jason.

Liz tells Jason that Jake saw someone at the window, so she called the police then him. Jake begs Jason to stay for fear that the man will come back. Jason promises that he will. Liz apologizes to him for the months of lies.

Franco and Nina rush home to do the deed, only to be briefly interrupted by Kiki. Nina then worries that the sex won't be so great, but Franco reassures her so they do the deed.

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Lulu stops the kiss with Johnny, refusing to use him for revenge sex. Johnny reassures her that he's fine with any kind of sex so they start making out again, until Lulu stops it once more.

Dante shows up at Lulu's door so Johnny hides. Dante wants to talk and pushes his way in then wonders what Lulu is up to. Lulu claims she's been crying over him and tells him to leave. Dante doesn't believe her and spots the 2016 glasses on the bed and storms out. Geez Dante, remember the last time you jumped to conclusions in Lulu's room.

Kiki runs into Morgan on the docks and worries that he's not taking his meds and acting crazy. Morgan says he doesn't like the way the meds make him feel so he sometimes skips doses. Kiki says he's hurting everyone including himself so Morgan promises never to miss another dose.