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Perkie's Observations: Anna Needles Julian on General Hospital

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Anna runs into Julian and the Davis coven and needles Julian about Duke's death. Julian reminds her that he's no longer in the business.

Robin has a reunion with Sonny. Sonny wonders if she wants him to take care of Jerry for her, but Robin turns him down.

Sonny shows Patrick that there's been movement with his leg. Patrick offers to run some tests. Sonny questions Michael about Sabrina. Michael admits that they broke up because the baby isn't his. Michael says the lies are the worst part.

Liz assures Jason that she'll be fine on her own. He tells her that he wants to draw up custody papers for Jake.

Sabrina admits to Felix that she misses Michael and wishes they could raise the baby together. Sabrina experiences pain, so Felix takes her to the hospital. Turns out to be braxton hicks and she tells Michael not to worry.

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Robin meets with Dr Obrecht to see about getting her old job back. Liesl offers her a cut in pay and no research money. Patrick decides they need to do what's right for them.

Molly says she wants to move out. Sam feels she's punishing Alexis for dating Julian. Alexis says she supports Molly's decision.

Julian runs into Paul and tells him to call off Anna. Paul assures him that no one is looking at Julian for anything.

Anna meets with Jordan and tells her that Carlos is alive and why she thinks that. Jordan feels someone would have needed to help Carlos and can't believe there's a mole in the PCPD. Anna doesn't tell Jordan her suspicions of Paul.

Patrick tells Sonny that he'll need to find a new doctor, because he and Robin are leaving.

Jason runs into Sam at their apartment.