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Perkie’s Observations: Crimson “Goes Green" on General Hospital

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Jason stops by to see the penthouse. Sam assures him that she's not selling and then proceeds to fall on the stairs into his arms. I feel like I've seen that with them before. Jason tells her about running into Robin on the bridge and his memory of her. Jason also mentions the memory he had of the star necklace. Sam sees it as a good sign, although Jason worries that he'll lose who he's become. Sam points out that he isn't that different then he was before–if you don't count the whole, killing people for Sonny, part of his personality.

Jordan mentions to Anna that she's seeing someone new. Andre shows up and Anna is surprised to hear that's Jordan's new beau. To me, Finola infused a little disappointment in Anna because Andre was off the market. Later, Jordan and Andre share a kiss.

Patrick and Robin tell Emma that they're moving to California. Emma says she'll miss her friends and Grandma Anna.

Olivia shows up at casa Davis/Jerome with a ginormous photo of her, Julian and Leo. She wants it placed prominently over their fireplace. Alexis pulls out a dictionary and shows Olivia the definition of obnoxious and intrusive. I kid! Olivia spots Alexis' engagement ring and gets her panties in a bunch that she wasn't informed of this news the instant it happened. Alexis being Leo’s stepmother affects her after all.

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The Crimson crew celebrate the release of the new magazine, only to find out there was a mistake and that it was printed all in green. Nina asks Julian for more money to fix it before the magazines go out. Julian refuses. Nina decides to send out the magazine as a bold and innovative move. Nina's cutting edge, people.

Liz takes a "sick" Jake to work with her. Franco wants to be friendly and points out that Jake is faking for attention, since Jason took off. Liz reminds Franco that he kidnapped Aiden once and they aren't friends. Franco gives Jake paper and crayons while he waits for Liz. Later, Franco looks at the drawings which are dark and crazy.

Liz spots Jason and Sam at Kelly's and walks away.

Robin tells Anna about the move. While Anna is upset, she understands this is the best move for the Scorpio-Drake family. Anna's shocked to hear how quickly they're leaving and insists that she wants to throw them a party. Emma insists that her parents get married before the move.