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Perkie's Observations: Scrubs Gets Remarried on General Hospital

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Guests arrive at the Scorpio-Drake home for Robin and Patrick's wedding.

Jason's surprised to see that it's a wedding. Sonny tells him that he has to stay and Robin agrees. She says this is the future that Jason imagined for her all those years ago.

Maxie announces that they have no clergy. Mac says he got ordained online for the occasion.

Patrick and Robin say words to each other then say vows of promises to Emma. Mac declares them husband and wife.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Laura tells Tracy that she's trying to reach Luke to tell him about Helena. She then questions Tracy's relationship with Paul. Tracy bad mouths Paul.

Hayden hands Nikolas papers that Michael had served to get ELQ back. Tracy summons Hayden. Laura meets with Nikolas and questions why he's with Hayden, She says he has a second chance to become the man she knows he should be. Nik swears he's not giving up ELQ and calls Jason to meet with him.

Hayden meets with Tracy, who's concerned that project Nikolas is taking too long. Hayden says Nik doesn't trust her yet and she needs to get closer. Tracy warns her to follow orders.

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Back at the wedding, Carly tells Robin that she owes her for saving Jason's life. Robin acknowledges Carly's place in both Sonny and Jason's lives.

Jason tells Robin about the memory on the bridge and knows that she means a lot to him.

Sonny thanks Patrick for saving his life and making Robin happy. Robin assures Sonny that he will walk again.

Anna gives Emma a plane ticket and tells her to come visit. Patrick and Liz share their goodbye as do Robin and Liz.

Robert, Anna, Patrick and Robin say their goodbyes and we have flashbacks of Robin and Patrick's relationship before they head off into the sunset with Emma.

*If I can be allowed a small rant here and if everyone will indulge me this. On the one episode where two legacy characters–one of which has been on the show since she was 7 and just returned from years of captivity–are getting remarried and then heading off into the sunset–why wasn't it all about Scrubs?

Sonny and Carly should not have been part of the Scorpio-Drake day. Robert had one line and Maxie had barely any. Epiphany, who had front row seats to the ups and downs of the relationship, including some wonderful scenes with Patrick when Robin "died"–should have been at the wedding. Noah, the groom's father should have been there too.

All the Tracy/Hayden/Laura/Nik stuff could have and should have waited until tomorrow.

End of rant! Now where's my box of Kleenex because as a GINORMOUS Scrubs fan, those flashbacks killed me!!