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Perkie's Observations: Tracy Demands Hayden Get Results on General Hospital

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Dante accuses Dillon of sleeping with Lulu on New Year's Eve. He warns that Dillon will have to deal with him if he hurts Lulu. Dillon denies it to Maxie, who wonders who Lulu could have been with.

Liz hears a noise, but it turns out to be Laura at home with Jake. Jake eavesdrops while Liz complains to Laura about losing Jason. Laura feels Jake needs to see a doctor. Liz tells her about Jake seeing someone at the window.

Laura worries that it could be a Cassadine threat and warns Liz to take precautions. Liz admits that she should have told the truth about Jason. She is upset that he's going back to Sam. Laura promises that Liz will get through this with her support.

Johnny brings Lulu flowers and updates her on his plan to get rid of Valerie. It's still some convoluted plan about her hanging out with fugitive criminals like himself.

Tracy claims Hayden's been lying about her identity and shows her proof. Tracy tells Hayden that she has 30 days to secure the shares from Nikolas and give them back to Tracy or she'll expose Hayden's secret to Nikolas. Tracy says she's going on a trip and expects solutions when she returns.

Nik says he'll drop the charges if Jason signs over all of his stocks to ELQ. Jason says Nik started the fight and fell off the balcony. Nik counters that he'll say Jason pushed him if he doesn't get what he wants.

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Nik says Jason will get convicted and Sam and his boys will lose him again. Jason refuses to take the bait and refuses to bow down to Nik's blackmail.

Dante runs into Valerie, who's upset for doing poorly on an exam. She worries that she'll be dropped from the program. Dante offers to help her, but Valerie can't deal with the back and forth between them.

Dillon confronts Lulu about Dante's accusation and asks if Johnny is still around. Lulu lies and says Johnny left days ago. She claims a drunk accosted her on New Years' Eve, which is what Dante saw.

Jason finds Liz's door open when he gets to her house. She finds a broken picture of the family.

Maxie shows up at the Star and finds Johnny there with Lulu.

Hayden gets back to the hospital in time to hear Nikolas give his statement to the police that Jason threw him over the balcony. Nik tells her that Jason was willing to go to prison rather than give in to his demands. Nik worries that he'll still lose ELQ. Hayden tells him to marry her.

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