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Wishful Casting: Julie Marie Berman as Days of Our Lives' Stephanie Johnson

Julie Marie Berman

Julie Marie Berman

Several of my favorite soap lovers on Twitter have been asking me to do a Wishful Casting for Abigail Deveraux on Days of Our Lives, now that Kate Mansi is leaving.  To be honest, I see no need to recast Abigail. The character needs a rest!

It's clear DAYS executives and writers see Patch (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) as the tent-pole couple going into the future — a plan I can totally get on board with. With that in mind, it makes more sense to bring back their daughter Stephanie (last played by Shelley Hennig) to fill the void Abigail will eventually leave on the canvas. I vote for scrappy General Hospital alum Julie Marie Berman to recreate the role of the supercouple's eldest offspring!

When veteran soap scribe Thom Racina was interviewed on the Daytime Confidential podcast, he revealed he borrowed from the Luke Spencer template in helping to create the role of Patch on DAYS. Who then would be better to play a chip off the old harmonica than Berman, the actress who first proved Lulu Spencer was cut from the same cloth as her antihero daddy? Plus, she looks like she could be Mary Beth Evans' daughter.

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In addition to her parents and brother Joey (James Lastovic) being back in town, Stephanie has unfinished business in Salem. She tampered with little Parker's DNA test results, even roping her Grandma Caroline (Peggy McCay) in on her shenanigans! Now that Daniel Jonas has ascended to Soap Heaven, maybe DAYS can undo him being Parker's pops?

Stephanie's ex-flame Phillip (John-Paul Lavoisier) once believed he was the kid's dad. He's back in town, and Caroline is living with the Kiriakis clan. All of this would provide the race car driver-turned-Titan Publishing employee with plenty to keep her busy!

Maybe Steph can team up with cousin Shawn (Brandon Beemer) to put the kibosh on Phillip and Belle's (Martha Madison) renewed connection? Or better yet, she can help her mama vanquish volatile Ava (fellow GH alum Tamara Braun) before the mob princess porks her way through the Johnson clan!