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ABC to Decide Nashville's Fate in May

Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan Jackson

Rayna James (Connie Briton) and Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) better dusk off their best performances, or they might end up with achy breaky hearts come May. According to TV Insider, ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee told reporters at the TCA Winter Press Tour that Nashville's fate will be decided in May.

As for another bubble series, Nashville, Lee remained supportive of the country music soap, and said a decision on the drama’s fate won’t be made until May. “We don’t have any plans to finishNashville,” he said. “We have an incredibly passionate audience. There are no plans for Nashvilleother than to keep it going.”

If those plans change and all else fails, maybe a tearful performance by Jonathan Jackson's Avery Barkley can save the day.

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