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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Catches Lulu and Johnny on General Hospital

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Maxie's upset with Lulu for harboring a fugitive and wants to call Nathan to turn Johnny in. Lulu worries that she'll get in trouble, because Johnny's been there awhile. Maxie assumes that Lulu and Johnny have been sleeping together, which Lulu denies.

Maxie feels Dante would be upset if he knew Johnny was hanging around and that Lulu needs to think about Rocco. Lulu realizes that she may lose Dante completely, but Johnny feels Dante isn't worthy of her. Lulu wants him to deal with Valerie and leave.

Hayden thinks she and Nikolas should get married in order to protect his claim on ELQ. Hayden says they can put the assets in her name and she'll sign them back over to him when the lawsuit with Michael is done.

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Nikolas worries that she'll end up stealing ELQ from him. Hayden offers to sign a prenup. Nikolas doesn't want to mess up the relationship their starting for a bogus wedding. Hayden says she has feelings, but Nik wants them to continue to explore things between them.

Kristina receives notification that she has failed her first semester and is on academic suspension. Kris hides the letter and changes the subject when Sam brings it up. Alexis tells Sam that she's taking over Jason's case and that Nik and Hayden are both claiming Jason pushed Nik off the balcony. Sam is determined to find a witness to the fight.

Jason tells Liz to call the police, who find no sign of forced entry. The officer tells them that he'll check for prints. Jason admits that he's in their database and his prints are all over the house. The officer asks if Jason has enemies. Jason asks for a police detail, but the officer doesn't think there's enough of a threat. Jason decides to take Liz and the boys somewhere safer.

Lucas introduces Sonny and Carly to their new doctor having warned them in advance that he lacks a bedside manner. Sonny's not happy with the new doctor's attitude and eventually tells him to leave. Lucas is forced to call in someone else to continue Sonny's treatment.

Sam goes to Carly to see if there are any witnesses to the fight that didn't come forward. Carly checks the list of patrons who were in rooms facing the terrace and finds someone.