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Perkie's Observations: Morgan Wants to Work For Sonny on General Hospital

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Sabrina and Michael awkwardly run into each other. Sabrina's upset that they're acting like strangers. Michael says he cares about her and the baby, but all he can offer her is money. Sabrina declines the offer.

Anna offers to hear out Sabrina's concerns and is surprised when Sabrina admits that Michael isn't her baby daddy, Carlos is. Sabrina reacts guiltily when Anna mentions Carlo's death.

Andre drops off a small jaguar figure for Jordan and asks her out on another date which she accepts. Anna drops by Jordan's office and tells her that she thinks Sabrina knows that Carlos is alive and how to reach him. Anna wants to put surveillance on Sabrina.

Morgan finds Sonny having a nightmare, but Sonny feels it was a good dream about saving people. Sonny is certain that he can still handle his business. Morgan offers to help. Sonny refuses to have Morgan involved in the business.

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Michael stops by and tells Sonny about his run in with Sabrina and how he's still angry about her lies. Sonny wants him to reconcile with Sabrina, but Michael's not ready.

Kiki runs into Ava at the restaurant and admits that while Christmas was lovely, that it doesn't wipe away everything Ava did. Kiki wants to set boundaries and asks her mother not to manipulate her. Ava agrees to the terms. Kiki also tells Ava never to mention Morgan.

Paul receives a briefcase of cash from one of his minions and heads over to meet with Ava to give it to her. Ava points out that they're in public, but Paul reminds her that the art gallery is their cover.

Morgan has a session with Andre and admits that he sometimes misses a dose and drinks. Andre reminds him of the rules of taking the medication. Morgan says Kiki has been supportive and helpful.

Morgan wants to help Sonny run his business since he's a lot like his father. Andre says he needs to be stable in order to be helpful.

Morgan meets up with Kiki, who has him thank Ava for bringing Avery to Christmas eve. Paul's minion tells Ava that he saw Morgan on the pier the night of the last shipment.