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Perkie's Observations: Sam Gets Proof to Save Jason on General Hospital

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Johnny drags Valerie to a forest ranger station in the woods and ties her up. Valerie thinks Johnny works for Luke and he gets angry at all of her questions and eventually gags her. Johnny leaves a voice message for Lulu to come with cash, but can't wait around for her. He takes off and leaves Valerie behind.

Liz is tired of staying in Jason's hotel room and wants to take Jake home. Jason's still worried about the threat at her house and thinks they should stay a little longer. Liz doesn't want Jake to get the wrong idea about them, but eventually agrees to stay one more night. Jason takes Jake out for ice cream.

Hayden takes care of Nikolas once he's discharged from the hospital. The two discuss how their statement will send Jason to prison. Tracy calls to tell Hayden to hurry things along with their plan or she'll tell everyone that Hayden's really "Rachel." Later, Hayden and Nik make love.

Sam meets with Dr. Shineberg, whose hotel room faced the balcony the night of the fight. The doctor explains what he saw and how Jason didn't throw Nik over, but that momentum sent him. Sam wants the doctor to tell the police, but he was there with his mistress and doesn't want to come forward.

Sam shows him that she taped the conversation, but the doctor says he'll recant his statement. The mistress shows up. Sam begs and pleads that Jason will be charged with attempted murder and she doesn't want to lose him again. The doctor and his mistress agree to come forward for Jason.

Laura tells Lulu that she's heard that Johnny is back in town and has figured out that's who was on the Star the day she was there. Lulu denies it. When her phone rings, Laura insists on seeing who the call was from. Lulu admits that Johnny was there, but that he's gone now.

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Lulu hears Johnny's message to bring the money to the ranger station.

Dr. Shineberg runs into Jason and Jake having ice cream. He tells Jason that he witnessed what happened and will help clear his name and that Jason should thank his wife.

Sam goes to Jason's room to tell him the good news, but finds Liz instead.

Dillon stops by the station to see Valerie and gets called in for questioning by Nathan and Dante. Dante realizes that Lulu has been keeping Johnny on the Star. Dillon points out that he wasn't the one with Lulu on New Year's Eve. They all assume she slept with Johnny.

Dante heads out, but is stopped by the desk sergeant who shows him footage of Johnny with Valerie.

Valerie knocks over a candle as she's trying to untie herself and the cabin catches on fire.

Is it wrong that I won't be sad if she burns up in that cabin, since she messed up my Lante. Well, technically, JMB leaving messed up my Lante, but you know what I mean!