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Perkie's Observations: Sam Gets the Truth From Kristina on General Hospital

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Jason and Jake get to the hotel room to find Sam with Liz. Sam tells them that she found the witness who will help Jason. Jake is less than friendly to Sam.

Valerie tries to untie herself, but ultimately the smoke knocks her out. Lulu arrives at the cabin looking for Johnny, but finds Valerie in the burning cabin. Lulu does CPR and revives Valerie and drags her out of the cabin. However, Lulu leaves her jacket with her keys and her phone inside the burning building. The two are forced to hang out in the car, waiting for rescue to come.

Kristina enjoys a meal with her parents, until talk turns to her education. When Sonny wonders why his tuition check was returned, Krissy claims it was a clerical error and swears there are no problems at school.

Dante updates Jordan on the latest with the photos of Valerie and Johnny and his inability to get a hold of Lulu. Jordan believes the photos prove that Valerie is on the take, but Dante isn't so certain.

Jason questions why Jake is upset with Sam. Jake claims Sam is greedy for taking Jason away from them, and claims Sam broke the family picture. Liz asks if Jake saw Sam, but he denies it. Jason tells him that it's not right to make up stories and lie.

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Sam runs into Kristina, who complains about her parents. Sam gets her to admit that she was suspended. Kristina says her head wasn't in the game after her messy break up and she fell behind on her work. So she asked for an extension from one professor and offered him sex. He turned down and reported her to the ethics committee.

Sam swears she's not judging her, but wonders why Kristina didn't come to her. Kris worries what her parents will think. Sam swears Sonny wouldn't judge and that Kris has to spill the beans. Kristina refuses to tell her parents and begs Sam to keep quiet as well. Later Kristina receives a text from the professor.

Sonny wonders if Kristina is ashamed to be his daughter since he never finished school. Alexis denies that and tells Sonny that he could enroll in college if it bothers him that much. But since we're talking about the girl child that Sonny barely remembers he has, he's not actually interested in helping her out with issues.

Sonny warns Alexis against marrying Julian, claiming she won't be happy with him since he's a murderer. Alexis hands him a dictionary where the definition of hypocrisy is a picture of Sonny. I kid!

Jason runs into Sam and thanks her for all that she's done. Sam admits she wasn't always about finding the truth, but is now.

Dante calls in Bobbie to shed light on Valerie and explains about Johnny and the photos. Bobbie doesn't believe that Valerie is a dirty cop and is certain her life is in danger.

Dante decides the photos were staged but Jordan questions who would be setting up Valerie. Dante calls and leaves an angry message for Lulu.