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Perkie's Observations: Valerie Confronts Lulu on General Hospital

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Valerie and Lulu wake up in the car. Val puts her thinking cap on and figures out that Lulu was working with Johnny. Lulu denies it, but when Valerie says Lu wanted her dead. Lulu spills that she just wanted her away from Dante.

Paul assures Mayor Lomax that his focus is on Sonny and on taking him down. The mayor points out that Sonny is hard to take down.

Robert and Anna discuss Paul and her suspicions of him. Paul interrupts to throw his weight around and wonders why Robert is in town. Paul gushes over Anna's skills as his investigator.

Nathan catches Johnny and drags him into the PCPD. Jordan demands to know where Valerie is. Johnny refuses to talk without a lawyer. Today's court appointed lawyer happens to be Scotty, who refuses to defend Johnny because of their past history.

Jordan wants to know who helped Johnny. She warns she'll question everyone in his past. Johnny claims that he threatened Lulu into helping him. Johnny claims he was after Valerie so he'd have a cop in his pocket, but that he didn't harm her.

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Mayor Lomax and Olivia meet to discuss a party the mayor is planning to throw at the hotel. Olivia has Leo with her. When the baby gets fussy, Olivia starts to prepare herself to breastfeed. The Mayor gets upset and says it's something Olivia should be doing in private and not during a business meeting.

Olivia claims it's her hotel and she can do what she wants. Lomax counters that she'll call the police and have her charged with public indecency. Olivia says it's not illegal to breastfeed. Lomax counters that it makes others uncomfortable.

Lulu claims she welcomed Valerie into the family and then she destroyed it. Valerie blames Lulu for nearly dying and slaps Lulu. Lulu slaps back and the two get into it until Dante finds them and breaks it up.

Anna wonders how she can bring Paul down. Robert tells her that Paul has the hots for her and that's her in. Anna thinks Paul will get suspicious if she starts to flirt with him and is still looking for Carlos. Robert says he has a consultant who can help find Carlos and Sabrina. Andre arrives as the consultant.

Ava and Paul have a rendezvous. Later he tells her to get ready for another shipment and she questions who's buying all these guns.

Valerie and Lulu are taken to the hospital to be checked out. Dante gets angry with Lulu, claiming he knows the truth even if Johnny lied to protect her. Maxie's there for Lulu when she questions what she's done.

Olivia gets angry with the Mayor, who security detail assumes she's going to harm Lomax and has her detained.