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Perkie's Observations: Sam Accuses Liz of Making up an Intruder on General Hospital

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Liz is not happy to see Sam in her home and even less so when Sam explains that she's there to investigate. Sam accuses Liz of hiding something. Liz denies the accusation, but allows them to finish looking around.

Sonny questions Morgan as to why he was on the docks on New Year's Eve, where illegal activity was going on. Morgan tries to deny it. However, Sonny's adamant that he won't be involved in the business, even if he has to send Morgan away to protect him.

Morgan complains about the medication. He just wants to be off the meds and go back to the way things were. Sonny tells him he's in for another breakdown and to stick with it. Morgan wants a purpose. Sonny says he can work in the coffee warehouse.

Hayden gets a call from Curtis, demanding his payment. Curtis gives her the report, which proves the bullet didn't come from Shawn's gun. Curtis wonders why she's not following up on this. Hayden claims the shooter doesn't want her dead anymore. Curtis thinks she should expose whoever it is, because she's pressing her luck.

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Kiki runs into Ava, who tells Kiki to make sure Morgan stays away from dangerous situations. Carly arrives to ask Ava a favor. Seems CarSon want Avery for more than a supervised visit. Carly asks to have Avery for a weekend, but Ava refuses.

Ava fears that CarSon would kidnap Avery, despite Carly's assurances they only want to spend time with the baby. Kiki steps in and says all she wanted growing up was a father. When she finally had one, she lost him too soon. Kiki tells her mother to do what's right for Avery. Ava agrees to think about it.

Jordan pays Nik a visit and lets him know that an eyewitness came forward and disputed Nik's account of the events. Nikolas is not happy to hear that all charges against Jason have been dropped.

Hayden gets back to Wyndemere where Nik tells her that the charges against Jason are dropped and that he may lose ELQ. He starts to kiss her but she pushes him off.

Sonny gets information that Raj is bringing in more shipments hidden in Jerome gallery shipments. Sonny tells Max to hold off as he's worried about Avery's safety.

Sam and Jason finish checking out the house. Sam tells Liz that there is no evidence of an intruder. She accuses Liz of making it all up so Jason could come running. Liz denies the accusation, saying she'd never hurt her own boys that way. Sam says everything was staged. Liz tells Sam to leave then asks Jason if he believes Sam's accusations.