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Perkie's Observations: Dante Wants a Divorce on General Hospital

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Liz swears up, down and sideways that she would never hurt her own children. However, Jason refuses to believe her. He's not certain what lines she wouldn't cross. Liz reminds him of what they felt for each other before she knew the truth, that she opened her home to him. Jason isn't interested in anything she has to say.

Laura demands an explanation as to where Lulu disappeared to. Lulu explains what happened, but swears she never meant to hurt Valerie. She just wanted her to leave Port Charles. Laura's upset, but Lulu says Valerie seduced her husband and she had the right to be angry. Lulu wonders what she should do now, since she's become the villain. Laura tells her to hold still and wait for clarity.

Hayden pulls away when Nikolas says he loves her. She says they spent so much time distrusting each other and she doesn't trust what she feels for him. Hayden decides she should leave, but Nik wants her to stay forever as his wife. Nik proposes.

Carly wants to throw a party for Jason on this, the anniversary of when he became Jason Morgan. Sam's certain that he won't be happy with that, but Carly wants what Carly wants.

Dante complains to Sonny and Michael about Lulu in cahoots with Johnny, but Johnny took the blame, so Lulu won't be charged for anything. Sonny tells him that he can't let anger separate him from Lulu and that Dante needs to figure how to fix this.

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Sonny complains to Michael about Dante. When Michael leaves, Sonny manages to stand up.

Jake questions whether Sam made his dad go away again. Liz explains that Jason left because they won't be living together anymore. Laura arrives so Jake eavesdrops and gets angrier as Liz explains everything to Laura.

Carly tells Jason that she wants to celebrate his day. Jason's not interested in a party so Carly gets upset and storms off.

Dante stops by to see Lulu, who's desperate to get back into his good graces. Lulu swears she did what she did to save her marriage. Dante tells her that he ended things with Valerie before New Year's because he wanted to be with Lulu, but now it's too late.

Lulu brings up counseling, but Dante feels they need to let each other go. He says he's planning on talking to a lawyer about divorce. Hey Dante, remember that time your idiot father shot you in the chest and you forgave him? But don't forgive your wife for something that started with you. UGH. Also, I like ER, but she's not a good crier.

Jason and Sam end up on the terrace only to have it start raining. Jason has a memory of them being on a rooftop during a rainstorm.