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General Hospital's William deVry and Nancy Lee Grahn Dish 'Julexis' Nuptials

Julexis, GH

William deVry, Nancy Lee Grahn

Wedding bells are ringing for Julian Jerome (William deVry) and Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn), the couple fondly known as 'Julexis' on General Hospital. Fans of the couple are waiting with anticipation for the duo's big day, which is slated for Feb. 19.

Will these two finally make it to the altar? TV Insider's Michael Logan chatted with the pair to get the tea.

Rare is the GH wedding that comes off without a hitch, and this one airs over the course of three episodes. Is it safe to say there’s unexpected drama?

Grahn: Of course. It’s sweeps!

deVry: We can’t give it away but, yeah, it’s pretty huge.  

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Later, the two opened up about the roles they claim former head writer Ron Carlivati, executive producer Frank Valentini and exec Nathan Varni played in making Julexis a couple.

Word is, the previous writing regime resented the success of Julexis.

deVry: The Julian and Alexis romance was never the writer’s intention.

Grahn: Julian was not brought in to be with Alexis. He was brought on for Sonny. Will did his screen test with Maurice Benard.

deVry: I credit the fans 100 percent for what’s happened.

Grahn: Absolutely. They were enjoying the ride and they let it be known and sometimes that didn’t go over well. The response to one fan who went on Twitter and wanted to see more of Julexis was, “If you don’t stop complaining, you won’t see them at all!” The good news is that Nathan Varni at ABC and [executive producer] Frank Valentini are very enthusiastic about Julian and Alexis. They haven’t tried to mess with this relationship or drive it someplace else. They actually appreciate the audience’s loyalty.