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Perkie's Observations: Robert and Anna Are One Step Behind on General Hospital

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Carly's shocked to see Sonny up from the chair, but he quickly sits back down and pretends that he's not improving. Carly doesn't believe him. Sonny insists that things are not better and that he doesn't want the kids to know anything.

Franco wants to make nice with Sam, who has no interest in him. Sam figures Franco's playing nice for fear that Jason will regain his memories and come after him. Talk turns to Liz. Sam accuses Franco of being behind the break-in. Franco denies stalking Liz and disagrees when Sam says that it was Liz.

Franco says Liz would never terrorize her kids. He mentions issues with Jake, which pique Sam's interest. Franco refuses to tell Sam his thoughts on Jake.

Jason stops by Liz' to check on them. Jake wonders if daddy's coming home to live with them. Jason reminds his son that he and Liz are no longer together.

Jason tells Liz that he's agreed to hypnosis and explains about the memory he had. Liz is thrilled with his progress even though it was a memory with Sam. After Liz leaves, Jason's looking through Jake's drawings and finds the one of the dark woman.

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Morgan wants Kiki to take him back, but she claims they're better as friends. Kiki says she doesn't know which Morgan will show up on any given day. Morgan says he's starting to feel normal again. Kiki says she's not ready for more, but is willing to go on a date.

Carlos thinks he should take Sabrina to a hospital. She doesn't want to get into a car while in labor after what happened with Gabriel. Carlos calls Paul and lets him know that Anna's sniffing around. Paul wants Carlos to disappear, but Carlos refuses to leave Sabrina and the baby.

Anna and Robert continue to get information on Sabrina and Carlos' whereabouts. Paul calls Anna, telling her that their working arrangement isn't working out. Anna tells Robert that Paul is onto her. Robert says he's got Carlos' location.

Max wonders why Sonny didn't tell Carly the truth about his legs. Sonny says he wants to catch his enemies unaware and reclaim the city. Max updates him on Ava's operation, bringing in weapons. Sonny's worried for Avery's safety and plans on shutting Ava down.

Carlos helps deliver Sabrina's baby, but there are problems.

Anna and Robert break into the cabin, but find Carlos and Sabrina gone. Local police show up to arrest them.