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Perkie's Observations: Dante and Lulu Sign Divorce Papers on General Hospital

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Jake begs Sam to wake up then runs off and leaves her unconscious.

Kristina's not happy to see Parker on her doorstep and creates a cover story when Alexis finds them talking. After Alexis leaves, Parker accuses Kris of posting negative comments on the school website, which caught the attention of her wife.

Kris denies it all. She points out Parker was the one coming onto her and then reported her after Kris propositioned her in exchange for better grades. Parker tells Kris to take down the negative comments. Kris again denies putting them up. Kris brings up dear old dad and how he wouldn't be happy with anyone messing with his princess.

Lulu says she's trying to save their marriage and asks for an hour of Dante's time. The two reminisce and feel that who they once were is still there. The two kiss and head to the bed, but Lulu stops it and declares that things aren't working. Lulu feels there will always be a third person in their marriage, despite their love for each other. The two sign the divorce papers.

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Nina interrupts Olivia and Julian telling Olivia that she wants to feature her in Crimson, breastfeeding Leo. Julian's not thrilled, worried that an older Leo will be embarrassed. Nina feels it's an important issue and Olivia agrees to it.

Olivia tells Alexis about the magazine article which Alexis agrees is a good idea. Julian wonders why she's supporting it. Alexis feels it will make Lomax settle the case out of court.

Nina's thrilled about her magazine idea and wonders why Franco isn't happy for her. Franco's distracted by Jake's case, but can't discuss it with her. You know, because of that pesky art therapy-patient confidentiality oath that doesn't exist here in the real world.

Liz and Jason speak to Dr Renault. He agrees that something is wrong with Jake. Dr Renault offers to see them all in the morning and warns them not to confront Jake. They need to help him feel safe.

They get home to find the window broken and the babysitter freaking out. The babysitter explains that she was washing silly putty out of her hair for hours, leaving Jake alone. When she came downstairs she found a note saying he was sorry and leaving. Jason heads out to look for Jake but returns later without him.

Sam eventually wakes up and calls for help.