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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas and Hayden Tie the Knot on General Hospital

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Scott and Franco share a brief conversation before Nina gets home and decides she wants to have a baby RIGHT NOW! I remind the writers that Nina can't get pregnant, which is why she womb-napped Avery in the first place.

Franco skirts around the issue, but ultimately admits that he doesn't want to pass on his messed up DNA to the next generation. Nina suggests adoption, but Franco isn't ready.

Kiki tells Ava that she dropped Avery off at Sonny's because she feels everyone needs their father. Ava's upset that Kiki defied her because it is not her decision to make and storms off.

Hayden and Nikolas show up in Las Vegas to get married at the cheesiest and emptiest chapel in town. Nik wants her to sign a prenup and Hayden does. Nikolas recites vows to Hayden and they become husband and wife.

Tracy shows up at Wyndemere claiming to be looking for Hayden in regards to ELQ. Laura says the kids went off and she's worried they're getting married.

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Laura says she doesn't like Hayden because she's a con artist who's taking advantage of poor 40 year old Nikolas. You know, Nikolas who had Hayden shot in the head, yeah that one.

Carly's thrilled to see Avery, but worries that Ava will flip her lid. Ava shows up and demands her daughter. Sonny says Avery is safer with him. Ava warns that she'll take Sonny back to court and limit his visitations. After Ava leaves, Carly wonders what Sonny has on her that he didn't get upset. Sonny admits that he has information and hopes it will get the custody decision reversed.

Ava meets with Scotty and asks what her legal recourse is. Scott points out that Sonny had nothing to do with Avery's visit, that it was Kiki's idea and she could face legal problems if Ava pursues it.

Ava admits to Scott that she's being forced into a business deal and wants out. She wants to keep Avery away from danger. Scotty tells her to give the baby to Sonny until the danger blows over.

Scott pays Laura a visit and gives her an invitation to the reading of Helena's will.

Someone who knows Hayden as Rachel calls out to her.