CBS Snubs The Young and the Restless in its "Gold Standard" Super Bowl Ad (WATCH)

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Young and Restless

On television's biggest night CBS took the opportunity to pat itself on the back for being the "Gold Standard" in television. During a Super Bowl 50 promo spot, the network bragged about having the No. 1 drama (NCIS), No. 1. comedy (The Big Bang Theory), No. 1 new comedy (Life in Pieces) and No. 1 news program (60 Minutes), but couldn't even throw The Young and the Restless a bone for being the No. 1 daytime drama since the 1988-1989 season.

NCIS has aired since 2003. The Big Bang Theory has aired since 2007. Life in Pieces hasn't even aired an entire season. Y&R is a bigger part of television history than Life in Pieces will ever be.

In 2014, CBS and Sony celebrated Y&R being No 1 for 25 years (watch the clip below). Just this past December, CBS touted Y&R being No. 1 for 27 years. So why wasn't it among the shows touted by CBS as the "Gold Standard" in television? 

Watch the CBS Super Bowl ad below!