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Perkie's Observations: General Hospital Gets a New Doctor

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Lucas tells Jason and Liz that Jake's surgery went well and they stopped the bleeding. Carly and Sonny stop by to offer support. Sonny heads to the chapel where, somehow, he isn't struck by lightning.

Nina tells Franco that she wants to adopt, but he points out that no one will give them a baby because of their past criminal and psychological records. Nina declares she'll do it alone. Franco wonders if she wants to get rid of him. Nina says she has more love to give. Franco wants them to wait and enjoy their time together.

Kristina has Molly bring her her diary, but gets upset when Molly tells her that she read portions of it that referred to Parker. Molly thinks Kris should focus on herself for awhile and leave the guys alone.

Kristina mentions that she's not staying in the dorms. Molly insists she tell her why. Kristina explains what happened with Parker, but doesn't say the professor is a woman. Molly offers to have Kris stay with her.

Morgan stops the make out session because his body's not working. After trying a second time and failing, Morgan gets angry and blames he medication.

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Morgan feels the pills are ruining his life and wants to get rid of them. Kiki tells him to talk to his doctor. Morgan storms off and throws the pills in the trash.

Liz is upset over Jake's accident. Carly reassures her and says Liz is a great mother who would do anything for her boys. Carly is certain Jake will be fine, since he has both Liz and Jason. Liz apologizes to Carly about the Jason thing. Carly says they can leave that behind for today.

Sonny runs into someone in the chapel and the two share a bonding moment. New guy finds Lucas and turns out to be the new neurosurgeon, Dr. Griffin Munro. Or as I called him, Dr Hottie McCutie Pants!

Sam's napping on Liz's basement floor, until fumes from the burning heater make the smoke detector ring.

Jason gets a call from Alice that Sam hasn't picked up Danny. Jason runs into Molly and Kristina and asks if they've seen Sam. Kris mentions that Sam was on her way to Liz's yesterday.

Jake wakes up and tells Liz that he's "sorry he killed her."

Jason heads to the house and finds the smoke detector going off.