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Perkie’s Observations: Jason Rescues Sam on General Hospital

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Jake wakes up and tells Liz that he killed Sam and all the bad guys in the video. Liz doesn't understand, but Jake falls back asleep before she can get an explanation from him.

Jason searches the house and eventually finds Sam in the basement and gets her out as the house explodes.

Paul updates Jordan on one of their cases and praises her for the way she's running her department. Paul asks about Anna, claiming he's concerned about her. However, Jordan has no answers for him.

Anna runs into Andre and updates him on the search for Carlos, which Robert is still following up on. Anna feels the case was a diversion for her, to get over Robin moving to California. Anna wonders why Paul is now involved with Carlos and thinks he has a larger agenda. Andre thinks maybe Paul is into her.

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Michael tells his parents that he wants to go to Puerto Rico to find Sabrina. Carly thinks it's a bad idea and feels that he should respect Sabrina's wishes.

Dillon pays Paul a visit to return his cuff links and let him know that he no longer wants anything to do with is father. Paul wants a relationship and swears he came back to make amends. Paul wants a second chance, but Dillon refuses.

Jordan tells Anna about Paul's suspicions and warns her to be careful. Anna says she's ready to take him on and later shows up at Paul's office.

Franco offers a shoulder to Liz who confides what Jake said about killing Sam. Franco points out that Sam is the target of Liz' anger and Jake picked up on that. Franco reassures Liz that she is a good mother who loves Jake, but Liz blames herself for not listening to Jake more closely.

Liz gets a call from her neighbor and is shocked to hear that her house has blown up. Jason brings Sam into the hospital and tells Liz that Sam was in the basement.