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Source: NBC Wants Days of Our Lives to Go Back to Traditional Production Schedule

Billy Flynn

Billy Flynn

What are some of the sticking points Sony Pictures Television and Corday Productions are having to iron out in order to finish up Days of Our Lives renewal negotiations with NBC? I'm hearing from multiple sources the 50-year-old soap opera's non-traditional production model is a problem for the Peacock Network.

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"They [NBC] want the show to go back to taping closer to air," says one insider. "The current production model doesn't really give NBC the chance to make notes, or for DAYS to fix story and casting issues that might impact ratings."

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As a cost-cutting measure, DAYS began taping the serial as much as five months ahead several years ago. Sources say NBC would like to see it go to a production model more in line with other network daytime soap operas. 

"The problem is, " relays another mole. "Going to a more cost effective production model is what saved DAYS."

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