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Kassie DePaiva Speaks Out on ABC's Unsuccessful Attempts to Replace OLTL

Kassie DePaiva, Roger Howarth

Kassie DePaiva, Roger Howarth

ABC Daytime has been in free fall since losing syndicated juggernaut The Oprah Winfrey Show and making the disastrous decision to cancel long-running network soap operas All My Children and One Life to Live. The latter sudser's long-time leading lady Kassie DePaiva has a theory about why it's been so hard for The Mouse House to fill OLTL's void — angry soap fans are still boycotting the network.

In an interview with Michael Fairman Soaps, DePaiva was asked to give her thoughts on high profile flops The Revolution, Katie and The FABLife. Here's a snippet: 

Michael Fairman: The Revolution, Katie and FAB Life have all been cancelled by ABC, or Disney/ABC syndication, or distribution wings of the network. Nothing that has replaced One Life to Live in its previous time slot has been a success, but instead a mitigated disaster. In your opinion, and having been a longtime cast member of One Life, do you think anyone looks at it from a network perspective, and says they made a mistake by canning the soap?  

Kassie DePaiva: I have said this to you before: “It blows my mind that within that year ABC Daytime, which was the strongest daytime line-up of all three networks at that time, wiped out so much, and lost so much.” They lost Oprah, because she decided to end her run, One Life to Live, All My Children were cancelled, and Live with Regis and Kelly changed, because Regis Philbin retired. So, all of that just changed the face of the day for the network. The problem with that, from my point of view, is that the loyal fan base was so angry that they boycotted ABC, and they have not come back. I have gotten letters which have said, “I have not watched anything ABC has put on, but I will watch Castle since you’re on it.” Those are the kinds of messages I think a network needs to pay attention to. Maybe it doesn’t matter to them. They have to have acknowledged that what they have put into place of One Life to Live has failed. It probably cost more money to put all those failed attempts on than the show they rolled off the network.  


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