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Perkie's Observations: Will Maxie and Nathan Get Their Own Place On General Hospital?

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Jason explains how he found Sam and got her out. Liz promises to get Jake the help that he needs and asks Sam not to say anything. Sam tells them that she fell by accident and that Jake didn't push her. Sam declares she would have died if not for Jason.

Anna tells Paul that she lied about visiting Robin and was actually in Halifax searching for Carlos. Anna spins a tail that she's in denial over Carlos' death and wanted to prove he was alive, because she was looking for a purpose. Paul understands and explains how he's estranged from his own children.

Ava pays Julian a visit as Alexis is getting the call that Sam's in the hospital. Ava feels life is going well for Julian and she wishes she had the same life. Julian asks if she's running guns for Raj. Ava reminds him that he doesn't want to know the details.

Julian wonders how much trouble she's in and that she should get out. Ava says she doesn't have a choice, that the situation is out of her control. Julian wonders if she's asking for help, but Alexis returns with an update on Sam's condition.

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Nathan asks Maxie to move in together. She suggests they get a place of their own, then realizes that she can't leave Lulu just yet. She agrees to have Nathan move in with them.

Liz admits to Jason that she sees the connection between him and Sam and knows that it's not going away. Monica tells them that Jake is resting comfortably. She offers the mansion to Liz and her boys, but Liz turns her down.

Sam tells Liz again that it wasn't Jake's fault and insists he didn't push her. Jason sits with Sam, who says Julian will likely blame him. Jason wonders if his violent life has affected Sam before, but she poo poos it.

Anna calls Mac to tell him to start looking into Paul's personal life. Someone is following her.

Liz is shocked to see the state of her house.