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DaddyHunt App and Nike Women Launch Web Soap Operas

Web Series

Jim Newman, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Samamtha Marie Ware

More and more brands are using scripted serialized stories to engage customers online and on mobile devices. Popular DaddyHunt mobile application and sportswear giant Nike have both recently launched new web soap operas.

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BJ Gruber

DaddyHunt: The Serial follows the May/December romance of a young gay man (BJ Gruber) and an older suitor (Jim Newman). Mistaken identities, a scheming ex and plenty of flirting via the DaddyHunt app happen in this fun soap.  Watch DaddyHunt: The Serial below.

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Nike Women's Margot vs. Lily centers on YouTube fitness guru Lily (Samantha Marie Ware) and her exercise-averse sister Margot (Brigette Lundy-Paine). The drama kicks off when Lily challenges Margot to start her own fitness channel. Margot counters by daring Lily to make actual friends as opposed to followers.  Watch the trailer for Margot vs. Lily and the first two episodes below.

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