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Thomas Maintains He Didn't Take Advantage of Caroline on Bold & Beautiful (SNEAK PEEK)

Pierson Fode

Pierson Fode

For some reason Thomas Forrester (Pierson Fodé) keeps bringing up the night of sketchy, inebriated sex he shared with Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) on The Bold and the Beautiful. While both budding fashion designers have insisted the unsavory event wasn't rape, Caroline clearly breaks out in hives every time the night in question is brought up. 

Is it because she's secretly carrying her stepson's child, or does the memory of waking up in bed with Ridge's (Thorsten Kaye) son simply still horrify her? This twisted triangle so needs a visit from Ridge's ex and Thomas's mama Dr. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo). She'd sort out all this psycho-sexual madness quicker than you could say Kinsey Scale!

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While Thomas and Caroline are reliving the past, Wyatt (Darin Brooks) thinks the vile voicemail "Liam" (Scott Clifton) left for Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is proof  he has hope for a future with the Forrester heiress. See what I did there? Check out today's B&B sneak peek below.