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Perkie's Observations: Something's Wrong With Tracy on General Hospital

Jane Elliot

Jane Elliot/ABC

Liz continues to sit at Jake's bedside. One of the nurses tells her the staff is gathering supplies and toys for her and the boys.

The Davis women check in on Sam. Kristina and Molly are thrilled to hear about Jason's rescue.

Griffin questions why Sonny is keeping his recovery a secret from Carly. Sonny feels it's better to appear weak for business purposes. Griffin says he needs to know just how recovered Sonny is in order to help him.

Hayden is concerned with Tracy's sudden lack of focus. Tracy snaps back to herself. Hayden promises to help get ELQ back. Tracy makes a comment about Hayden's father, which angers her.

Nathan is not happy to see Maxie is posing for the real woman issue of Crimson. Maxie reassures him she's only interested in him and not to worry.

Nikolas looks up the man who recognized Hayden as Rachel. He gets an alert about Liz's situation. 

Jake wakes up happy to see Liz and Jason together. He wonders if they'll be a family again. Liz says she and Jason are no longer together and won't be.

Jason tells Jake they know he was behind all the issues at the house. Liz tells him lying is bad.

Jake is upset he ran off and let Sam die. Sam arrives and assures him she's fine and that it was an accident.

Liz tells Jake that Sam is a good person. She apologizes if she made him think otherwise.

Nikolas stops by to see Liz. She says Jake's accident and the loss of her house are punishments for all of her lies. 

Nikolas asks where she'll be staying. Liz hasn't figured it out yet. He offers them a place at Wyndemere and mentions Laura can provide stability.

Dillon spots Hayden and Tracy talking. Tracy covers by mentioning Hayden married Nikolas and they were discussing ELQ. 

 As Hayden is leaving, she tells Dillon to have Tracy see a doctor. This causes him to be concerned. Tracy reassures him she's not sick and is determined to get the company back.

Kristina runs into Sonny.  The two catch up before she asks him to attend the wedding. Sonny isn't interested. Kristina says it would be a smart move and make him look like a hero.

Alexis arrives. She demands to know why Kristina is able to get time off to come home. Kristina says she's not going back because of a problem with the professor. Alexis asks if it's the woman, Parker, which surprises Molly.

Kristina claims Parker told her she would be distracted at school and to work from home. Alexis accepts this for the time being. Later, Molly asks if the professor from Kristina's diary is a woman.

When Hayden gets home, Nikolas asks her about her family. Hayden says both her parents are dead and she doesn't like talking about them.

Griffin overhears Liz on the phone with Cameron. He realizes she's the nurse who's house blew up. Griffin offers her help if she needs it.

Jason thanks Sam for not blaming Jake for her accident. Sam asks for his help in springing her from the hospital.