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Perkie's Observations: What is in Helena's Will on General Hospital?

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Jordan's upset to find Curtis at the Rib. She orders him to leave town or she'll arrest him for disturbing the peace. Curtis says he's on a Valentine's day date, as Valerie arrives. Jordan swears she won't let him hurt Valerie.

Laura tells Nikolas about the reading of Helena's will. Nik says he has a copy of the will and his mother isn't in it. Laura says it's possible Helena changed it without NIk's knowledge.

Molly wants Kristina to confide in her about possibly being gay. Kris claims the P in her journal stood for Peter and swears she isn't gay. Kris feels Molly is the one with issues, since she and TJ haven't had sex yet.

Kristina spots Lucas and Brad and questions them about their sexuality. Lucas explains that it was hard for him to come out, while Brad admits he knew from early on that he was gay. Lucas tells her to do some soul searching.

Andre wonders why Jordan is so distracted by Curtis. She explains that he's her ex brother-in-law and that they aren't on good terms. Jordan says Curtis used to be in the DEA and is the one who recruited, her but that things got messed up.

Jordan says Curtis helped end her marriage to Thomas. Andre figures she's worried he'll have a negative impact on TJ. Jordan warns Valerie that Curtis is bad news and mentions drug use.

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Laura tells Lulu about the reading of the will. Lulu says she also received an invitation, but that she has no intention of attending. Laura's determined to face whatever Helena's dishing out.

Hayden worries about the will, but Nik says he has a copy in his safe and that everything gets passed down to him. He reassures Hayden that she has financial security with him.

Maxie's sad to see Dante alone on Valentine's day and decides to set him up with Lulu. She offers Lulu a paid massage at the Metro Court, but then has Nathan tells Dante that there's been a break in at the same room. Dante and Lulu find themselves locked into the room.

Molly finds TJ and tells him that she wants to have sex tonight.

Laura offers to stay the night at the hospital with Jake to give Liz a break. Liz agrees to stay at Wyndemere.

After love making, Hayden leaves a sleeping Nikolas to try and break into his safe. Liz catches her and questions what she's doing.

Jason brings Sam home and has her rest on the couch while he takes care of Danny. The two get cozy on the couch. Sam admits not knowing how to feel. The two share a kiss.