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Perkie’s Observations: Jason and Sam Reconnect on General Hospital

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Liz questions why Hayden's trying to get into Nik's safe since she's a guest. Hayden updates Liz on her marriage. Nik arrives and asks for Liz's blessing. Liz tells him that Hayden was trying to open the safe. Hayden claims she wanted to put her bracelet somewhere safe.

  Jordan warns Valerie that Curtis has an expensive cocaine habit and it would be a mistake to get involved with him.

Dante and Lulu are upset when they realize Naxie set them up and locked them in the room. Maxie tells them that they have to work on their relationship and that she left them a Crimson article.

Jason and Sam make out on the couch. Sam wants to get to know the man he's become. Jason agrees that he feels connected to her.

Lulu feels the problems in their marriage started before Dante cheated. She knows that it was a mistake to take Dillon to Canada and keep her parents secret. Lulu thinks that it started when Dante got jealous of Johnny and what she wanted from him was support.

Dante feels Lulu takes unnecessary risks so she can live up to being Luke Spencer's daughter. The two agree they didn’t' trust each other. Dante thinks they should start communicating better.

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Curtis wonders why his date now seems to have cooled towards him. Valerie asks if he has a cocaine habit. Curtis admits that he did, but has been clean for 5 years. Valerie questions why Jordan hates him so much.

Andre tells Jordan that he introduced himself to Curtis, who spoke highly of Jordan. She just wants Curtis to leave town. She admits that there is bad blood with Curtis because of her marriage to Thomas. Andre questions what role Curtis had in the break up, but Jordan gets upset that he's trying shrink her.

Liz is angry with Nik for marrying Hayden and warns that she only wants Nik's money. Nik mentions the prenup. Liz says she doesn't trust Hayden, but Nik feels his wife is turning over a new leaf.

Nathan and Maxie celebrate Valentine's day. Nathan hands her a ring box and Maxie worries that he wants to marry her. Nathan says he's not asking, he's just giving her a charm. Maxie feels that what they have now is enough.

Liz gets a call from the hospital and heads out. Nikolas asks Hayden to put her animosity aside which Hayden agrees to.

Jason and Sam are interrupted by the same hospital call. Liz worries that Jake's prognosis is not good.

Nik calls Sam and asks for her PI help in investigating Hayden. Gee Nik, do you think you should have thought of that before you married her.