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Perkie's Observations: Paul Confronts Anna on General Hospital

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Kiki's upset to find Morgan and Darby going at it amongst the coffee beans. Morgan swears that Darby means nothing to him and that he's doing it prove that he can so that he can be with Kiki. Morgan begs her forgiveness, but Kiki's done with his cheating and storms off.

Dante questions Sonny about the gun trafficking, but Sonny denies any knowledge. Dante claims the head of the operation is someone named Dixon that Raj reports to, but Sonny's not talking. Sonny mentions custody of Avery. Dante asks if he has anything on Ava. Sonny says he has no proof that she's involved in anything shady.

Anna asks Paul to join her for lunch. Talk turns to Dillon and Paul's daughter. Paul gets a call from Raj, who says Dixon wants to meet him and Ava. Anna gets a text from Mac, which Paul insists on seeing. The text says he has information on Paul's daughter.

Lulu updates Naxie on how her night with Dante went. She tells them that they agreed to continue working on their relationship. Lulu realizes that she and Rocco are not welcome at Naxie's any longer and agrees to move to the Star.

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Sonny and Michael are discussing Avery's custody. Michael offers his help, but Sonny turns him down. Morgan gets home and they both notice that he seems off.

Kiki talks to Maxie about what happened with Morgan and wonders why she keeps taking him back. Maxie commiserates with her.

Dante finds out from Nathan that Lulu plans to stay on the Star. He heads there to warn Lulu that it isn't safe. This irritates Lulu. She claims she can take care of herself and Rocco and asks Dante to trust her.

Sonny confronts Morgan about his medications and tells him that he knows Morgan was sexing up Darby at the warehouse. Morgan tries to deny it, but Sonny tells him that there are cameras everywhere. Morgan apologizes, claiming he didn't know that he couldn't have sex at work! Sonny fires him.

Raj asks Lulu to rent the Star for an event the following night. Lulu declines as it's short notice, but he spins a fine tale so she agrees to host it.

Paul accuses Anna of trying to get information on him and warns her to back off. Anna wonders if he's planning on killing her. Paul is shocked, saying he's often bent the law, but isn't a killer. Anna says she knows he killed Kyle Sloane and passed off the body as Carlos'.