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Perkie’s Observations: The Davis Coven Prepares for the Julexis Wedding on General Hospital

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Morgan announces to Sonny that he's moving out. He isn't happy when Sonny seems fine with the idea. Morgan continues to try and push Sonny's buttons. He says he’ll find work with Julian. Sonny tells him that he needs to get it together.

Sonny accuses Morgan of not taking his meds, which Morgan finally admits. Sonny says he can't watch Morgan hurt himself. Morgan is determined to prove his father wrong.

Olivia checks in on Lulu, who explains that she and Dante are now on talking terms. Later, Lulu tells Dante that she and Rocco are moving into Wyndemere since the Star is dangerous.

Dante tells Anna that someone is running arms through Port Charles. He thinks there's someone else higher up involved. Anna realizes that it's Paul, but doesn't share her suspicions with Dante.

Dixon meets with Paul and Ava. He wants them both there when the shipment arrives. Ava explains that she's going to a wedding and if she doesn't show up will raise suspicions.

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The Davis women and Diane get ready for Alexis' wedding. Molly gives her mother something blue–ribbons she had as a child. Kristina gives the new–a photo of the four women. Sam gives her something old–a toy Camaro, like the one she was conceived in. Diane gives Alexis handcuffs–something borrowed.

Kristina notices something different with Molly and declares that her sister must have had sex. Alexis is sad that her baby is now a woman. Molly tells Kristina to tell her own secret, but Kris isn't ready.

The Jerome family share a toast to Julian's marriage. Kiki tells Ava that Morgan cheated again. Lucas shares a moment with Julian.

Paul wants Anna's help with a problem he has. Anna accuses him of running guns. Paul claims he's working undercover with the justice department to put an end to the arms issue. Anna doesn't believe him at first, but then gets angry that he's running a sting without backup.

Paul wants her to coordinate everything with ATF. Anna points out that Sonny runs the town and likely knows something is going down. She feels he needs to kept away.

Lulu heads back to the Star to pick up something. She runs into Raj, who's angry that she didn't stay away. Raj holds her captive.

Paul meets with Dixon on the docks. Morgan watches from the shadows, gun in hand.