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Robin Strasser's Tweets on Apple's Battle With The FBI Make The Today Show

Robin Strasser

Robin Strasser

Legendary actress Robin Strasser is not on board the Apple train. Strasser, best known for her roles as Rachel Davis on Another World and One Life To Live diva Dorian Cramer Lord, is not thrilled about Apple's stance against the FBI regarding trying to gain access to an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernadino shooters. 

Apparently, the FBI is unable to crack the phone and tried to get Apple to do it for them. Talks between the tech company and the Feds broke down and the disagreement ended up in court. A judge sided with the FBI, and ordered Apple to bypass the security on the phone to gain access to the information. However, Apple is refusing to do so. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook published a letter on Tuesday claiming if the company complied, they would be "building a backdoor to the iPhone". Last week,  The Today Show asked viewers their thoughts on the matter. During the segment, Strasser tweeted the following:

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