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Perkie's Observations: Kiki's Shot as Julexis Says "I do" on GH

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The wedding continues as Julian and Alexis recite their vows, exchange rings and kiss to their new marriage.

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Kiki tells Michael where Morgan said he would be. Anna tells them that he'll walk right into the sting. Carly wants to be the one to talk Morgan down.

Morgan manages to convince the men to toss their guns. Paul tries to calm everyone, but Morgan continues yelling and screaming. Dixon manages to get the gun from Morgan. Kiki shows up and puts herself in front of Morgan as Dixon shoots her.

Dante worries that Lulu hasn't returned his call. Lulu, meanwhile is still being held by Raj, who gets angry when he spots what's happening onshore. Raj cuts his losses and tosses Lulu into the water.

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Anna and her team of ATF show up to round everyone up except for Dixon who takes off. Paul explains to Anna what happened, as Morgan worries over Kiki. Carly takes care of Kiki while waiting for the ambulance.

Jordan arrives and is angry to hear what happened and that neither Anna or Paul gave her a heads up. Michael tries to calm Morgan, who gets taken to the station and eventually arrested by Jordan.

Dante looks for Lulu on the boat, but she's in the water drowning.

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Dixon makes his way to the church and holds them hostage, while accusing Ava of working with Paul against him. Ava denies everything. Sonny offers himself up as a hostage in exchange for everyone else.

Nathan makes a move, so Dixon shoots him. Maxie tries to help Nathan. Dixon warns them all that he'll kill the next person who tries anything.