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Perkie's Observations: Will Dante and Lulu Reunite on General Hospital?

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Griffin introduces himself to Ava. He tells her that the bullet is lodged near Kiki's spine, but that he'll do everything he can for her. Ava worries that Kiki will be paralyzed, but Franco tries to reassure her. I hear Sonny has a good wheelchair for sale.

A restrained Morgan begs Michael to get information on Kiki's condition. The two discuss how surprised they were to see that Sonny could walk. When Michael leaves, Morgan convinces a young nurse to remove his restraints.

Laura checks in on Lulu and finds that Dante spent the night. Lulu's grateful that Dante saved her.

Curtis wonders why Hayden's hanging around the pier. Hayden admits the gun shot at the church brought back feelings from her shooting. Curtis tells her to discuss this with Nikolas. He then realizes that Nik is the one who wanted Hayden dead.

Hayden claims NIk isn't that man anymore and she has the goods against him if he tries something again. Curtis warns her to turn on Nik before he turns on her.

At Shriner's, Monica discusses Jake's treatment with Liz and Jason. Liz apologizes to Monica for lying. Jason tells his mother that Liz has taken responsibility. Monica accepts Liz' apology and agrees they need to move on.

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Liz admits to Jason that Jake picked up on her hurt and anger. She admit she couldn't face what she'd done. Jason wants them to be friends again and offers to be there for Cam and Aiden as well as Jake.

Nikolas tells Laura that the gun shot triggered memories for Hayden. He swears he's trying to make things right. Laura wonders what will happen if Hayden finds out that he tried to have her killed. Nikolas assures her that he'll protect himself and Spencer.

Ava blames herself for Kiki's injuries and explains to Franco how Paul blackmailed her and pulled her into something dangerous. Ava admits she never paid for Connie's death. Morgan shows up looking for an update. Ava gets angry with him, yelling at him that he should have left Kiki alone.

Morgan eavesdrops as a doctor updates Ava that the surgery is more difficult than expected. Ava worries again that Kiki will be paralyzed and claims Kiki threw her life away for Morgan.

Nikolas checks in on Lulu and wonders if she should tear up her divorce papers. Lulu says their troubles haven't disappeared. Nik offers for her to stay at Wyndemere and asks Lulu to get to know Hayden.

Dante wonders if Lulu is willing to come home with him, once she's discharged. Lulu feels that she needs to take things slowly for now.

Michael checks in with Ava. Franco tells him to keep Morgan away from Kiki. Griffin shows up with an update on the surgery.

Morgan heads to the roof to jump. Will he land on the Jerry Jacks awning of safety or on the Heather Webber lawn of well being?