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Perkie's Observation: Nathan Rejects Maxie's Proposal on General Hospital

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Griffin tells Ava that he removed the bullet, but there's still a possibility Kiki will experience limited mobility. He says Kiki's long term progress is unknown.

Paul holds a press conference to toot his own horn in taking down the gun ring. Jordan's still angry with him for not notifying her ahead of time. She accuses Paul of being reckless. She then questions why Ava wasn't arrested, since the guns were going to the gallery.

Morgan continues to stand on top of the roof and hallucinates a bloody Kiki, who convinces him to jump. Michael finds Morgan and tells him to come down. He says to wait for Kiki to get out of surgery.

Andre tries to reassure Carly and Sonny that Morgan will get the best treatment. Andrew says Morgan will have to follow the rules or wind up in jail. Sonny's not happy with that option, but Andre feels that's all they've got.

Sonny tells Carly that they need to be on the same page regarding Morgan. She's scared for Morgan and upset that Kiki was injured because of the violence that she's accepted up until now.

Nathan wants to get out of the hospital, but Liesl and Nina refuse to let him. Maxie proposes to Nathan, but he turns her down. He says she only proposed because he almost died. As Nathan falls asleep he calls Maxie by a different name.

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Paul tells Jordan that they can't arrest Ava, but refuses to explain why. Jordan tells Anna that she wants to bring Paul down for everything he's done. Anna tells her that if Paul goes down, so does she and begs Jordan for some extra time to find Carlos. Jordan finally agrees, but says their friendship has limits.

Andre shows up on the roof and tries to talk Morgan down. Morgan says every day is worse and he sees no way out. He blames himself for Kiki getting shot and feels like he's fallen down a hole he can't get out of.

Paul finds Ava at the hospital and she blames him for what happened to Kiki. Paul warns her that Jordan wants to arrest her. Ava tells him to take care of it, because if she's going down, so is he.

Carly, who apparently hasn't washed Kiki's blood off her hands in the twelve hours since the shooting, now decides to wash her skin off as well. Griffin stops her and understands about Morgan and Kiki. Carly's angry with him for keeping Sonnys' secret. Griffin apologizes.

Michael gets Sonny to talk Morgan down. Sonny gets up on the ledge and says they can jump together. Sonny convinces Morgan to get down and get treatment. Morgan and Andre head off together.

Jordan shows Paul that she has an arrest warrant for Ava. Paul tears it up and shows her an agreement that Ava was cooperating with the justice department.

Kiki is taken to ICU where Ava sits with her.

Griffin watches Anna.